The Prohibited Promotions Policy

The JSKY Affiliates herein mean affiliate services provided by JSKY ("Services") and affiliates mean advertisers who register with and participate in the Services (hereinafter referred to as "the Services"). Advertisers (hereinafter referred to as "Affiliates") who promote the site. Affiliates shall not engage in any prohibited acts as specified below. Affiliates shall have no authority whatsoever to receive any sales obtained based upon the prohibited acts set forth below in this Agreement. The Service may unilaterally terminate any agreement between the Service and its Affiliates and has the right to refuse all payments from the Service to The Affiliate. If the Service or Advertiser suffer any damages by performing any action prohibited by the Service, the Service or Advertiser may claim damages against the affiliate.

Section 1: Acquiring Multiple Accounts

It is prohibited to create and retain multiple accounts using the Referral Program, registration bonus, etc. within the Service.

Section 2: Unjust Induction

it is prohibited to force, plead, request, or use misleading language for website visitors, for the purpose of these visitors to click on the reward for any matters or reasons unrelated to Advertiser's website. In addition, it is prohibited to unjustly induce website vistors, using any other method. Whether the action/inaction is an "unjust induction" shall be solely deternined by the Services.

Section 3: Hotlinking

Without consents, Affiliates are prohibited from linking directly to content (including, but not limited to, videos and images containing samples) from Affiliate's websites or Affiliate's e-mail magazines to content posted on the Advertiser's website. It also prohibits the act of putting a burden on Advertisers' servers. The Service shall be able to make unilateral decisions weather certain act constitutes a burden on the server.

Section 4: Using Sample IDs

Certain use of videos and images with a sample ID shall be allowed within the scope of Advertisers advertisement and sales promotions. With this Services sole judgment, any use outside the scope of the aforementioned use may cease the use of violated sample IDs. The Service retains its sole discretion to determine whether the use of sample IDs are within the aforementions scope of proper use.

Section 5: Links to Copyright Infringing Sites

Affiliates shall not link to sites with copyright infringing materials, including, but not limited to, videos, images, or text, legally owned by Advertisers affiliated with the Service. In the case of violation, a warning shall notify the Affiliates, and thr notified affiliatore shall promptly remove said link. If the link is not deleted after the warning, or if the Service solely deems that the failure to delete is malicious, the Service may unilaterally suspend the use of the Service to the Affiliates. In addition, if this causes damage to the Service and the Advertiser, the Affiliates shall be liabile for all damages.

Section 6: Harassment against Other Affiliates

The following harassment actions against other Affiliates are prohibited:
1. Use the source, content, comments, reviews, images, etc. of other affiliated sites for use on Affiliate's own site.
2. To create a site with an apparent unlawful copies of other affiliate sites.
3. Use bulletin boards, e-mails, or other media accessibly by any third parties to defame other affiliates.
4. Draft and spread spam comments in any form on other Affiliates' websites; Create links back to the Affiliate's own websites.
5. Acts that burden other Affiliate's websites and servers.
6. Any other acts that the Service deems reasonably inappropriate in an operation of a general affiliate program.

Section 7: Unjust Compensation

The following acts of obtaining compensation are prohibited.
1. To conspire with a third party to obtain contingent fees, pretend as if a contingency fees have been incurred.
2. Click, order, register, etc. outside the purpose of advertising and services.
3. The act of forcibly embedding cookies.
4. In addition, when the Service is deemed to be fraudulent or unjust in the operation of a general affiliate program.

Section 8: other prohibited acts

1. Use the materials and names of the Services and advertisers to link to sites that are not related at all and to direct users who visit the Site to unrelated sites that are not a part of the Service.
2. Acts of installing harmful computer programs such as viruses.
3. Acts that cause inconvenience to third parties, such as sending spam.
4. Acts that infringe and defame, violating privacy of the Service, Advertisers and third parties.
5. Acts of publishing images, videos, and texts that include child pornography or child abuse.
6. Publish images, videos, or text that lead to fraud, crime, or may induce.
7. Acts of soliciting users to join the Services with unauthorized incentives without prior consents of the Service and Advertisers.
8. The act of any writing on any websites administrated by a third party, violating said third party's standard and rules of use, for the purpose of acquiring a new user and/or for the purpose of SEO.
9. Any other act that the Service or advertiser deem inappropriate in the operation of a general affiliate program.
"10. Site cloning to imitate the Service's sites is not permitted. "